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3 Reasons This Pic Probably Offends You-- But Shouldn't... #1
Written by Fred T. Wyrick July 7th, 2017
Most people naturally try to be good. So, when they see this picture of fanning a whole lot of hundred dollar bills, they experience negative feelings. They may or may not know why, but something just doesn't FEEL right to them. Even if they desire to be the one who fans out these C-notes, they might be offended by this pic. Others may be offended by the fact that because they secretly desire to be rich. They think somehow they are debased to do so.

You are probably offended-- and here is reason # 1 of 3 reasons why you SHOULDN'T be!  

Reason # 1 is the incorrect belief that money is evil. They say money is the root of all evil, or the love of money is the root of all evil. This belief may be spoken or unspoken. In society, it is perfectly acceptable to love and want a grandchild. But to love or want money is despicable to many law abiding citizens. 

For many, money is a very volatile subject. In the last few years, there are many examples of money being tied to greed. Thoughts against the rich are almost everywhere. Thoughts such as all rich people got there by doing something bad. Or thoughts that they got to be rich by taking advantage of others or by cheating others. Or they must have been unethical or immoral. Or rich people are stingy and hoard their wealth. 

And, of course, examples run rampant in movies and on TV. Gordon Gekko from the movie, “Wall Street,” played by Michael Douglas and Jordan Belfort from the movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” played by Leonardo DiCaprio are the poster boys for the anti-money movement.

I can say that in 23 years as a limousine driver, and in all my time studying wealth, I have never met, nor have I heard of a wealthy person who fits that description. It has been my experience that the wealthy people in this country are some of the most giving and caring people of all.  

To start with, they tip well. As a driver, I am not a significant person in their life. Still, the truly wealthy appreciate the service they receive and tip extraordinarily well. I also drove many clients to charity galas. Most of the wealthy people I know have causes they are passionate about, and they give of their time and money. 

Just as evident is the way I have observed them conduct their business in the back of my limousine. They treat others with respect and they are kind. They get their mission accomplished, to be sure, but I didn’t hear them berate others nor treat them unjustly.

True wealth comes from adding value to the market. So by definition, the truly wealthy are givers. So, while the characters portrayed in the movies chased money, they were not truly wealthy. I have also driven my share of “wannabes,” I am convinced they will never achieve wealth until they understand the true role of money.

Certainly, people have been evil in their attempt to acquire money, the money itself is not evil. Which brings us to Reason # 2 in the next blog.

See you then!


Fred T. Wyrick

Fred T. Wyrick helps people get unstuck and start living their passionate dream life. He is an expert at sharing proven systems and methods. Fred makes concepts and methodologies super simple to understand.
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