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3 Reasons This Pic Probably Offends You-- But Shouldn't... #3
Written by Fred T. Wyrick July 9th, 2017
Most people naturally try to be good. So, when they see this picture of fanning a whole lot of hundred dollar bills, they experience negative feelings. They may or may not know why, but something just doesn't FEEL right to them. Even if they desire to be the one who fans out these C-notes, they might be offended by this pic. Others may be offended by the fact that because they secretly desire to be rich. They think somehow they are debased to do so.

You are probably offended-- and here is reason # 3 of 3 reasons why you SHOULDN'T be!

Reason # 3 Not understanding money is a positive driving force. Money gives you the freedom to go, do, be and give as you choose. Part of spirituality is the desire to help and resonating with causes. What better way to help than to become wealthy and be able to make a huge impact on the causes you care about the most?

Simple things like seeing a program for starving children in a third world country. They have so many needs that we take for granted--daily. Feeling sorry doesn’t help them. Neither does the desire to help out in the way of a donation… if you can’t afford to write a check.

How good would it feel to write a check, take a month off to donate your time to an organization to really contribute and make a difference? How much better would it feel if, while you were personally involved, you discovered a different need, and started a brand new organization to fill that need? 

All of these are only possible by having the money to do them. It takes money to write a check. It takes more money to take a month off. And it takes even more money to start an organization to rid the world of a problem. Money is a positive driving force.

As I said earlier, wealth is not just in the area of money. They say he who has love is wealthy. They say if you have your health, you are wealthy, indeed. Even without diving deep it is obvious that there is more to this than just money.

There are four quadrants in life that I look at in terms of wealth. If you are lacking in any of them, you are not wealthy by definition. Most of us are not where we would like to be in one or more of these quadrants.

Any program I have investigated uses these same four quadrants. They may have slightly different names. I resonate best with the four used by my mentor.

She calls them, “Health,” “Vocation,” “Relationships,” and, “Time and Money Freedom.” Let’s look at the impact that money makes in these quadrants.

If you have looked into groceries, you know that a healthy lifestyle is not a cheap lifestyle. Leaving the conspiratory theories out of this, we all agree that cheap food is not the healthiest of choices. Money allows you to have a healthier lifestyle.

Your vocation gives you more than just money, but money is earned by the value you give to the market. 

Your relationships are not based on money-- at least, they shouldn’t be-- but if you look at the hard statistics, most failed relationships are attributed to the lack of money.

And we have already discussed money affecting time and money freedom by allowing us to go, do be, and give to the causes we care most about.

So, in all four quadrants-- in every area of our lives- money has an impact. Money is, in fact, a driving force.

So do not be offended by displays of money. All my best to you on your journey.

To your wealth and success,


Fred T. Wyrick

Fred T. Wyrick helps people get unstuck and start living their passionate dream life. He is an expert at sharing proven systems and methods. Fred makes concepts and methodologies super simple to understand.
If you're interested in breaking out of your rut and reaching your highest potential, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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