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3 Reasons This Pic Probably Offends You-- But Shouldn't... #2
Written by Fred T. Wyrick July 8, 2017

Most people naturally try to be good. So, when they see this picture of fanning a whole lot of hundred dollar bills, they experience negative feelings. They may or may not know why, but something just doesn't FEEL right to them. Even if they desire to be the one who fans out these C-notes, they might be offended by this pic. Others may be offended by the fact that because they secretly desire to be rich. They think somehow they are debased to do so.

You are probably offended-- and here is reason # 2 of 3 reasons why you SHOULDN'T be!

Reason # 2 is the incorrect belief that if you have money, you can’t be spiritual. This makes no sense if you stop to think about it. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. In this physical experience, we require and use the physical and the material. 

We are energy. Money is energy. Everything is energy. This physical experience involves polarity. We don’t know pain if we don’t know pleasure. We can’t know we are alive if we have no concept of death. The polar opposite of money is no money--the opposite of money is not spirituality. Likewise, the opposite of being spiritual is not being spiritual-- the opposite of being spiritual isn’t being rich.

Being from California, I get stereotyped in many ways. The most humorous stereotype to me is that of being a “treehugger.” If I’m from California, I must be a health food nut, be a charter member of the Sierra Club and WWF, practice yoga every day, and believe that money-- or the love of money-- is the root of all evil. I probably meditate on the beach or in the mountains most of my day.

In their eyes, people from California detest those who work in offices and crowded cities to make a dollar. They think I must view it shameful to live in noisy and polluted cities. They see us as placing the highest value on nature and getaways to keep our souls pure and focused on things that matter in this life. 

I do believe in balance to be sure. I am far from a health food nut. I actually drive a car that uses gas. I believe in mankind’s ability to be spiritual and wealthy. Wealthy isn’t just measured in dollars, by the way. 

There are extreme points of view everywhere. I know there are those in California who fit that stereotype-- but they also reside in New Mexico and Maine, and all across the globe.  

These people really do seem to shun money. There’s nothing wrong with that per se, but then they are stressed out when they realize they cannot afford to pay rent or their bills. How can you progress spiritually if your basic needs are at risk?

And for those who are all about money and neglect their spirituality, balance works well. What good is all the money in the world, if you lose your soul? 

Remember, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We must embrace both. Nature is part of spiritual and money is part of the physical-- learn to embrace and enjoy both.

We’ll look into the spiritual aspect of money next time.

See you then!


Fred T. Wyrick

Fred T. Wyrick helps people get unstuck and start living their passionate dream life. He is an expert at sharing proven systems and methods. Fred makes concepts and methodologies super simple to understand.
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